Sailing Home

by Pirates Canoe

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"Sailing Home" is Pirates Canoe's first full album. Unlike their previous EPs, which was recorded as a 6-piece band, this album features the trio sound—lighter but more intimate.

Because the three girls like boats and ships (thus the band's name), when they started selecting songs and creating new songs for the album, the theme naturally turned towards the ocean. There's a song about sirens, a song about a sailor, a song about a sailor's lover left on the shore... and even a song about misunderstandings that uses island-and-sea metaphors.

All songs are original, except for a traditional Irish tune sandwiched between an original instrumental in "Bowsprit Game." (Think of drunken sailors daring each other to dangerous games that involve the bowsprit of the ship.)


released December 23, 2012

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Yasuhiro Tamura at Recording Studio SOUNDTAM. Except track 11, recorded at HiFi Cafe by Daisuke Nakai, mixed and mastered by Daisuke Nakai. All in Japan.
Produced by Sara Kohno and Pirates Canoe (the girls).



all rights reserved


Pirates Canoe Kyoto, Japan

–– A roots music loving band, hopelessly stuck somewhere between American and Japanese ––

Although the members come from all sorts of genres, the band focuses mainly on Americana and roots-based music. All songs are original, yet sound like they could have been around for a while, managing to create a traditional but fresh sound.
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Track Name: The Song of Misunderstandings
Sea and sand line the borders of the mind
An invisible fence is there to keep us in, I’m told
Wave your hand, show a big and shiny smile
Send a bunch of yellow roses, mint and marigold

Big white clouds are the messengers of thoughts
We send them up with little notes and things that don’t resemble us at all
Then we wait with a cup to catch the drops
Drink it up as if your life depends on spill-fall

Every once in a while we think we hear a far seagull taking on the wind

We hear it calling, crying, falling
We hear it sighing, trying, diving
And then we keep on going, sending clouds
Track Name: Blue Shoes
Blue shoes, grey skies
Your hat hanging at the door
A record playing the blues and soul

Flowers, rainbows
Pictures decorating walls
Children laughing and having a ball

And you say I’ll see you in my dreams

chorus ❦
The river keeps running
The days keep coming
But the sun never comes up
The birds keep crying
The hours keep dying
But the sun never comes up anymore

Lipstick, movies
Have I been here before?
The world offers me nothing new to explore

If you love me
Hold me while I rest
Don’t ever let me go

And you say I’ll see you in my dreams

repeat chorus ❦
Track Name: From Sea to Rocky Shore
The wind it sees many a thing from sea to rocky shore
From sea to rocky shore
It fills the sails of sloops and barques as sailors man the riggings fast

Oh wind where is my own true love?
He’s on a ship to sail from sea to rocky shore
He’ll earn five hundred silver coins for coming home to marry me

Oh wind is my love underway aboard a sturdy ship?
From sea to rocky shore
Oh will she safely ride the waves and carry my love home to me?

Oh wind is my love’s captain brave?
Is he the kind to last from sea to rocky shore?
Oh is he kind enough to give my love leave to return to me?

From sea to rocky shore, from sea to windy moor
Track Name: Sailor Song
Sorry to say, my dear
But I must leave tomorrow
For the ocean it calls to me
And I must go and follow
I must go and follow

chorus ❦
As a sailor loves the sea
That’s how I loved thee
You were never good for me
But your memory won’t let me be
Your memory won’t let me be

Sailing to Cockburn Port
In Blackwing, a topsail schooner
Our lading is black rum and rice
We’ll be gone six months lunar
We’ll be gone six months lunar

repeat chorus ❦

Feeling the starboard spray
In the sun and moons’ direction
In the sea, in the sky, in the sails
In all I see your reflection
I only see your reflection

repeat chorus ❦
Track Name: Spider Tattoo
I'm going right for that trap that she laid out
There's something inside me saying
I've gotta have her right now
The way she holds me, it turns me inside out
The way she holds me

chorus ❦
Honey in her eyes, danger in her lies
A little poison in her sighs
And in a place where nobody can see
A spider tattoo
Oh, she's got me now

Blind as a beetle, I'll pay for this I know
But she's got a hold on every namby-pamby rose-clutching boy
The way she kisses, it puts me on a role
The way she kisses

repeat chorus❦
Track Name: Someday
Someday about twenty five years from now
I promise I’ll find a way to love you more

Well I guess you could say now
Things have turned out unexpected
Well I already knew that
You were something special
But this just knocked me over
I feel so out of control

And no, I won’t ask you to work too hard if you don’t want
No, I won’t ask you to love us both with all you’ve got
I’m only asking you to give me and this baby in my belly
A chance

Although I cannot honestly say
This is what I planned for me
This life, I’m taking for my own
So in the meantime this is for
You and our little one
I promise, I’ll find a way to love you more
I promise, I’m gonna really, really love you both
Track Name: Ballerina Meena Jane
20 hours of practice never is enough for this game
There's always something more
Something more to be unsatisfied with getting in the way
She knows it's a dance, she knows it's a short life on stage
Raspberry lips, unbelievable sky-high kicks
Ballerina Meena Jane

Eating less, using more, come what may
She may need a hero come preserve her from her coach
Always telling her, "Don't mess up that plie"
Muscles hard as walnuts, makeup thick as paint on that face
Of porcelain skin, the grace of which, now where do I begin?
Prima donna on her way

It's a messed up kind of fate
A messed up kind of love affair you're in today
'Cause you gave her your heart, she gave hers to a classic art
Ballerina, come my way
Ballerina Meena Jane
Track Name: Siren's Comb
lyrics in Japanese
Track Name: The Gate
Standing at that gate
Looking down that road
A little skinny old lady
Looking like a living ghost

She’s got a way of disturbing anyone who happens by
But don’t expect her to remember you the next time you try
Ms. Representative of the Federation of Diluted Dreams
With a pretty long history of mismanaged doggerel schemes

She’s got wobbly grace, unimpeachable face
She’s seen flying men
And evil vying kin
Eviscerated men
Looking for their win
All from behind that gate

She’s got a nasty son, he yells at her and he pulls her thin
She’s got a nasty way of turning on you when you’re least thinking
Her chicken legs will falter, so will her aim
But she’s no longer crippled by misleading optimism and shame

She’s got wobbly grace, unimpeachable face
She’s seen soaring sin
Once burned and then forgotten
Youth crumpled in the trash bin
On this here heaven
All from behind that gate