What Are We Fighting For?

by Pirates Canoe

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released December 1, 2016

All songs arranged and produced by Pirates Canoe.
Recorded at Garagara (Osaka, Japan), On the Corner Records (Osaka, Japan), Yellow Marguee House (Uji, Kyoto, Japan) and Cabin 2 (San Luis Obispo, CA, U.S.A.).
Recorded by Daisuke Nakai, except T3 main vocal track, recorded by Ted Waterhouse.
Mixed and Mastered by Daisuke Nakai
* T4 "Precious Time" courtesy of Brian DeSpain/ Rise Over Run Music from forthcoming album "Mosaic: A Tribute to the Jayhawks."
Album jacket designed by Reika Hunt.



all rights reserved


Pirates Canoe Kyoto, Japan

–– A roots music loving band, hopelessly stuck somewhere between American and Japanese ––

Although the members come from all sorts of genres, the band focuses mainly on Americana and roots-based music. All songs are original, yet sound like they could have been around for a while, managing to create a traditional but fresh sound.
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Track Name: What Am I Fighting For?
When I get the feeling
When I get the feeling that nothing
Nothing can go wrong
I tell myself, now hold on
Hold on and be strong
'Cause nothing
Nothing lasts too long

* chorus
And I try to remind myself
What am I fighting for?
What am I fighting for?
What am I fighting for?

When I get the notion
The notion to jump into the river
End it all right now
I tell myself, now hold on
Hold on, just a little bit longer
'Cause nothing lasts too long

repeat chorus*

When I get to thinking
Thinking, now what's the use in this world?
Full of strife and scorn
I tell myself, now hold on
Hold on, 'cause you know that some things
Are worth fighting for

repeat chorus*
Track Name: Spyglass
Oh the spyglass that I have is a worthy tool indeed
It shows me a million miles across the foamy sea
But this spyglass cannot show me what I long so much to see
The heart of my true love, wherever she may be

Oh the compass in my hand is as true as e're I've owned
It guides me along my way beneath that fickle dome
But this compass cannot guide me in this question that I hold
Does she think of me? I would that it were so

Oh the schooner that I sail, from mast to solid keel
Rides the waves with grace, she let's me take her wheel
But this boat cannot compete for this sailor's promise sealed
For my lady fair, despite her heart concealed

Oh the North Star in the sky is a constant friend in cheer
He talks to me of hope, he takes away my fear
But the North Star cannot tell me what I long so much to hear
Does she wait for me upon that distant pier?